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By Samantha Fecteau • October 29, 2018

Adopting Office 365 the Right Way with Revevol

Interested in adopting Office 365 but not sure how to go about it? Or perhaps you’ve already made the transition but are struggling to convince end users?

Introducing new solutions in your enterprise can be an overwhelming task, both for end users and IT staff. If you’ve already decided that Microsoft Office 365 is the appropriate cloud suite for your business, you’re halfway there. For the rest, Revevol has your back. 

A burgeoning partnership

With over 10 years experience deploying cloud solutions for companies all over the world, we understand that change can be met with resistance. Our teams are here to alleviate that resistance and facilitate user adoption, a critical phase that we believe can make or break any new technology. Office 365 is no exception to the rule.

Since 2015 Microsoft has trusted us to accompany enterprises in cloud transformation and Office 365 adoption. With more than one million users migrating to the cloud today, our network of over 450 certified trainers is committed to ensuring your cloud transformation is as smooth and painless as possible. 

An innovative approach to change management

A successful cloud transformation hinges on how effectively change is managed. If your company is apprehending the process, rest assured: our approach to change management for Office 365 includes modules designed specifically to tackle the more complicated aspects and phases of your transformation, through demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

  1. Discovery Workshops: Collaborators from different departments come together and challenge the processes in place to determine where Office 365 can be of value. This ensures that change comes from the inside. Based on these conclusions, we are able to personalize use cases and assist with implementation. 
  2. Training for champions: Champions are influential employees within the company who will take part in extensive Office 365 training. After adopting the tools for their daily processes, they will promote Office 365 to their colleagues and help anticipate any apprehension throughout the change.
  3. Training for directors: Leaders receive personalized coaching sessions to begin using and promoting Office 365.
  4. Training for end users: By focusing on more relevant use cases, end-users learn to use Office 365 in a practical way that encourages them to adopt the new tools.


Struggling with adoption? Introducing Office Week by Revevol

Perhaps you've already made the move to Office 365 but adoption rates and collaboration are lower than you’d hoped. Enter Revevol’s Office Week, a week of specialized, intensive training, based completely on your business needs. In preparation for the week, we work with key players at your company to define the scope and ensure we put forth the best possible training schedule. Over the course of the week your employees can attend workshops and participate in games and challenges designed to boost and motivate while learning the ins and outs of Office 365 suite. After this week your teams will feel comfortable using Office 365 tools thanks to our innovative, structured approach.

Office Week is available globally, thanks to our network of certified trainers around the world. Our training includes original methods to help drive adoption of Office 365 for all of your employees and ultimately transform the way your business works. Local experts will animate a week of short, intensive training sessions, including real-life simulations and fun games to encourage participation and engagement.

Each Office Week agenda is customized to fit your company’s needs, covering all of the Office 365 essentials, from Outlook to SharePoint, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. If your company uses Workplace, we can even host workshops to show you the synergies between Workplace and Office 365, and how to optimize use in your favor.

Key Features

  1. Ready to Use: We understand HR problems, that’s why we’ve created original modules that speak to users and allow for rapid adoption and flexible use of Office 365.
  2. Adaptable: Office Week training sessions are provided by our network of 450 Office-certified experts, located in over 80 countries. All sessions are conducted in the company’s local language, including over 35 different languages.
  3. Unintrusive: We deliver short, intense training sessions throughout the day which allow employees to receive high-quality training without interrupting their workday.

The benefits in a nutshell

Revevol’s Office Week will give you the support you need for a successful adoption of Office 365, and teach you the best practices necessary to make the most of your investment. We’ll help you ensure a smooth transition away from legacy systems to complete cloud adoption. Your employees will better understand the added value of Office 365 tools like video conferencing, file collaboration, social media integration, analytics and insights. These resources are designed to increase collaboration and make your teams more productive, but they can only succeed if employees are willing to embrace their full potential. 

Ready to get started?

Office 365 has the tools your company needs to empower its employees to become more productive, but what good are tools if they're left in the box to rust? We're here to show you how to use those tools to maximize adoption and optimize collaboration. The road to cloud transformation can be long, but you don’t have to go it alone.

If you’re still struggling with user adoption on G Suite or Office 365, see how Workplace by Facebook will boost adoption and engagement across your IT stack.

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