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By Samantha Fecteau • January 21, 2019

Breaking Down Barriers with G Suite and Workplace: An Integrated Cloud Solution at Kiloutou

Kiloutou, the fourth largest European equipment rental company, is the embodiment of a successful, integrated cloud solution. A major player in equipment rentals in France, the company has been on G Suite since 2011 and just recently integrated Workplace by Facebook in late 2018. Today, with a Workplace adoption rate of 85%, Kiloutou’s communications are more unified than ever, and employees are able to exchange and collaborate in new capacities thanks to a customized and integrated cloud-based approach.

Stepping into the Public Cloud with G Suite

Kiloutou was one of the first companies to migrate to G Suite, having made the choice in 2010. According to Kiloutou’s head of communications Marie-Charlotte Guénard, the switch was an evident one: “The objective was to find a way to work online, as at the time, everyone was working locally at different sites.” With a highly decentralized and fast-growing company comprised of 460 local agencies and five support service sites, online collaboration was a must. After running an initial pilot with their agency network, the solution was validated and quickly deployed across the company. “Today,” Guénard explained, “all Kiloutou employees have a digital identity.”

Thanks to G Suite, countless processes have improved since 2011: “The tools allowed us to leverage and expand on the collaborative uses of document sharing, real-time collaboration and things like Google calendar.” Kiloutou has since begun developing its own scripts and mini applications on Google Cloud Platform, including custom time recording systems and management solutions for customer training evaluations.

Transforming communications with Workplace

Faced with a growing number of Google and Whatsapp groups, Kiloutou was in search of a solution that would facilitate exchanges and streamline interactions. The aim was to centralize communications across all sites and agencies, and bring employees together under a single Kiloutou umbrella.

Workplace is quickly becoming one of the richest and most user-friendly software as a service solutions on the market, so it’s no question why Kiloutou’s HR and communications departments jumped at the opportunity. With Workplace, the company can create an unlimited number of groups of different formats and sizes to meet their various needs, all centralized on a single platform, and managed by multiple admins. Goodbye cluttered, insecure WhatsApp groups which risk sensitive data loss, hello safe, streamlined and centralized exchanges. Since, Guénard explained, Kiloutou’s teams are closer, and the company feels more like a whole than a sum of parts.

This, thanks to a customized digital transformation: “Revevol’s cloud computing expertise and Workplace knowledge allowed us to secure a successful Workplace pilot. Their unique launch method oriented us towards best practices and helped us drive user adoption.”

Revevol’s change management team worked with leaders from each department to imagine personalized, unique use cases to best adapt the solution to the company’s needs. With their help, along with the help of Revevol’s CT network, Kiloutou reached nearly 70% adoption in only 24 hours. After one week, the company had surpassed their goal adoption rate with 85% adoption across the entire company. The results don’t end there. Guénard reported 45 active groups created on the platform in the first week alone, with over 360 publications. This is more than twice the average number of publications most Workplace clients see in the first week post-launch.

Bridging the gap: Integrated Cloud services with Workplace and G Suite

Kiloutou uses G Suite and LumApps as its referent platforms for all things content, documents and internal business processes. Workplace is the vehicle to safely and efficiently diffuse this content in order to reach a maximum number of employees. The SaaS platform allows for seamless application integration, which has fluidified both the company’s collaboration processes and daily interactions. “With G Suite integrated into the platform, the user environments are easily created in advance; all the user has to do is accept the e-invitation to join,” explained Guénard. As for the platform itself, she explained, its conviviality and ease of use both enhances exchanges and gives more visibility to information hosted on the intranet.

This multi-cloud environment thrives on the synergies between these platforms, a model that is increasingly becoming the new normal as fast-growing companies strive to optimize collaboration, leveraging complementary platforms that communicate with one another.

Kiloutou is currently in the pilot phase for launching Workplace to its deskless population. They plan to deploy in the coming months with hopes of bridging communications across all company employees, regardless of their position or location. The aim is for 100% of employees to be connected so that all voices can be heard company-wide, even those without a desk.