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By Samantha Fecteau • October 31, 2018

The Digital Intelligence Event of the Season: Microsoft Experiences ‘18

If you’re lucky enough to be in the French capital this November 6-7, then you’ve probably already heard about Microsoft’s biggest annual Digital Intelligence Event: Microsoft Experiences ‘18. In a few days, over 300 leaders and industry experts will gather at the Palais des Congrès in Paris to share their experiences in digital transformation. From conferences, to hands-on sessions, to immersive workshops, you’ll leave feeling revamped and ready to innovate.

This new edition will focus on two major subjects: artificial intelligence and digital security. As one of Microsoft’s trusted partners, Revevol will be in the house to share our expertise on some of these topics (come and find us at Stand 94!) and to help guide you towards the ideal cloud transformation.

But with 10,000 square meters of stands, talks and techies, you’ll want to know exactly where to be, when. Here’s our guide for this year’s top sessions you won’t want to miss. 

Novembre 6: Business Day

Whether you’re a general manager, financial adviser, or marketer, this day is a chance to share your digital project ideas and ambitions with Microsoft experts for real-time feedback that can help optimize your company’s activity. Explore and engage in digital innovations to boost business and get ahead of your competitors.

Artificial Intelligence: What impact does it have on the Digital Workplace for businesses? | 9:30-9:50 AM, Room: Talk 4

Discover the different ways in which AI can help improve collaboration.

Learning in the Digital Age: The importance of tomorrow’s skills, today | 1:30-1:50 PM, Room: Talk 4

Analysts foresee that many of today’s jobs will be replaced by technology, but what will future jobs look like? Steve Wainwright, EMEA Managing Director of Skillsoft and SumTotal presents his predictions on future skill shortages and outlines an approach to help prepare your workforce for the digital revolution.

The Cloud: Technology carried by trust and responsibility | 2:45-3:30 PM, Room: 243

Discover this year’s regulatory framework regarding GDPR and the CLOUD Act. In this keynote, Microsoft details their commitment to a cloud you can trust, with tools based on principles we know and value here at Revevol, like privacy, security, compliance, and transparency.

Moving to the Cloud: Why leave France? | 5:15-6 PM, Room: PASSY

Want to benefit from Microsoft Cloud’s enhanced security features while storing your data on French territory? Since the opening of Azure and Office 365 in French datacenters, many public and private organizations are taking advantage of the cloud’s flexibility and maintaining their data on national soil. What was the migration process? What feedback can they provide and what are some of the advantages? Radio France and Metsys tell all.

Novembre 7: Technical Day

Day two is devoted to more technical discussions for IT managers, developers, and data scientists. During these sessions, tech professionals can test and explore new solutions designed for greater productivity and overall agility.

I’ve deployed O365, now what? How to create value | 9:30-10:15 AM, Room: 253

When companies go digital, they usually do so with many different objectives in mind. These can include the centralization of information, user transformation, and better information system ergonomics. Office 365 provides a strong response to these needs and many businesses have chosen to get on board. What conclusions can we draw from customer stories? How has it changed the daily activity of end users? What progress is still to be made and how can you best use the Office 365 suite to optimize productivity and create business value? If this session can’t answer all of your questions, maybe we can.

Customer Touchpoints: ChatBots and predictive intelligence, the new drivers of agile business? | 9:30-9:50 AM, Room: Talk 1

With the accumulation of client data, new architectures are structured and conceived around AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. How are chatbots like this one changing the way we do business? In the meantime, learn more about the endless possibilities with business bots.

Microsoft’s vision of identity: Building a future with AI and without passwords | 2:45-3:30 PM, Room: Amphi Bleu

Did you know that using multi-factor authentication reduces the risk of security threats by 99.9%? Identity protection is a cornerstone of any successful security strategy, and helps ensure employee trust. But how do you create secure, seamless access to all of your cloud-based applications? How do you enable access based on dynamic risk analysis using Artificial Intelligence? In this keynote, Joy Chik, Corporate Identity VP for all Microsoft Services (including Office 365, Azure and Xbox) reveals some methods to better protect your business.

AI: What solutions for which use cases? | 5:15-6 PM, Room: PASSY

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of our society, a source of innovation and progress. But do you truly know what it is and what it can do? In this session, get the complete rundown on Artificial Intelligence in its many different forms and uses.

If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too lateWe hope to see you there at Stand 94!