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By Samantha Fecteau • February 8, 2019

Euralis: Helping an International Agriculture Cooperative Cultivate Innovation with G Suite

Euralis is a success story of how a French-based and ever-expanding agricultural cooperative was able to bolster innovation with G Suite, the first seed sown on a path to complete digital transformation.

Created in 1936, Euralis is an agri-food cooperative and agribusiness group based in southwest France. As the European leader in its field, the business spans three principal domains, marked by three distinct poles: agriculture, food, and seed division. Known for their capacity to form alliances and work cooperatively, the group’s missions include guaranteeing quality accessible to all, helping farmers develop and diversify production, and accompanying professionals in the agricultural and food trades.

Today, the company boasts over 5,000 collaborators across over 15 different countries. While the group remains faithful to its French roots, its trajectory continues to expand internationally. With more than 20 percent of employees now located abroad, centralizing materials and streamlining online processes in the cloud was a necessary step to keep up cross-country innovation and remain competitive in the industry. The company turned to Revevol to ensure a successful transition to the cloud, with G Suite as the port of entry.

Innovation at the heart of the solution

Ignacio Eceiza, Head of Digital Skills within Euralis’ Corporate IT department, shared his portrait of the process. He explained that innovation, as a major part of the group’s DNA, was crucial in choosing the best fit cloud technology. Revevol provided the vision and the knowledge needed to determine the best adapted solution for the company’s needs:

“We know how to work with industry partners all over the world and innovate together. But we needed new technologies to do so efficiently. We needed to find a technology partner to help us do what we do best, better.”

With large-scale international growth, the group was in search of a solution that offered fast deployment anywhere in the world, and seamless integration when taking on new entities or expanding the workforce. After a long benchmark phase including workshops and exchanges with Euralis employees, G Suite stood out as the solution of choice and the most integrated toolset for the group: “We prioritized the solution that would allow for fast, simple integration when acquiring new structures and expanding internationally. Naturally, we chose Google.”

Building a culture of collaboration with G Suite

For Euralis, the choice of G Suite was threefold. First, it allowed them to centralize collaboration for better productivity within a growing international workforce. Second, it provided an optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and third, it was the most easy-to-use solution for their needs.

Today, with over 3,700 active G Suite accounts for employees covering 15 different countries, Euralis is more connected than ever. The 2013 G Suite deployment was the group’s first true global project, thanks to Revevol’s international presence, global certified trainers network and change management team. Revevol helped ensure a successful international deployment with 360 degree support throughout the process.

After a successful migration to G Suite including Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, and the entire productivity suite with docs, sheets, and slides, Euralis then launched a second phase, integrating Google sites. It wasn’t long before the group saw its employees working differently using Google’s suite of productivity tools. “Our employees were able to collaborate in real time, which helped connect our global poles.”

Migrating workflows with AODocs

The logical next step, explained Ignacio, was integrating AODocs, the business process platform that lets people easily implement their processes, control their documents, and meet compliance requirements without burdening users:

“AODocs was the logical suite once we were on Google, as it helped us manage workflows, decisions, and authorisation processes,” he said. The platform helped move the group toward its goal of going paperless globally, as a high-performing management system that’s perfectly integrated with G Suite. “Many of our financial, HR, and production quality workflows are managed with AODocs.” Today the company has over 97 AODocs libraries, with plans to continue to optimize processes through complete digitization.

“The combination of Google Drive and AODocs has helped us deliver solutions to improve how we work on a daily basis.”

Reaching deskless populations with Playengo

With a workforce comprised of 26 percent deskless workers, G Suite alone was not enough to digitize the entire global Euralis population. The group quickly sought a complementary solution: “We thought, what better way to address non-digital populations than with screens?” Having migrated 74 percent of the company to G Suite, Google compatibility was a key criteria when choosing a solution. Euralis turned to Playengo, Revevol’s cloud-based digital signage solution designed for seamless G Suite integration.

“Along with G Suite integration, we needed simplicity, and the ability to control several screens from a single point of access. Playengo is intuitive, and each of our sites can autonomously manage their own local content.”

Prior to introducing Playengo, internal communications were limited, with emails causing frequent miscommunications between departments. Since, the group has stopped all paper communications and become fully digital. They use the solution in their headquarters to showcase product updates, event information, special offers, and corporate news: “It’s the perfect tool for communicating critical business information.”

Ultimately, the platform served as a G Suite catalyst, boosting G Suite use across factories. Site directors, quality managers, and communications managers regularly create content using Google Slides and Sheets to display on screens, and are more engaged than ever.

But for Euralis, the most prevalent use case is the diffusion of security campaigns. As Ignacio explained, Playengo is the “digital spearhead” of the “Zero Accident Campaign”. By diffusing security protocols along with other production KPIs on screens in local factories, not only did the group see improvements in production quality, but they also saw a significant reduction in on-site accidents. With the cost of the solution equal to a mere 10% of the average annual cost of security issues, the return on investment was more than decisive for the company.

G Suite as a transformation trampoline

Euralis saw both high adoption rates and increased productivity across all three of the group’s poles thanks to an integrated combination of G Suite, AODocs and Playengo. With collaboration now as fertile as the lands their farmers cultivate, G Suite was a stepping stone, the first major stage of a long journey towards complete, cloud based digital transformation. And Revevol, the catalyst for this change:

“With their proven sense of customer service and true human qualities, [Revevol] continues to help us to project as a business, while constructing a long-term transformation plan.”