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Ken Genouel By Ken Genouel • November 6, 2018

Why GCP is our Go-to Solution for Enterprise Application Development

Our software engineers at Revevol are no strangers to using Google Cloud Platform for enterprise application development. In fact, GCP is a natural choice for our teams when creating SaaS products. From greater flexibility and scalability to data centralization, GCP resolves the many technical constraints that may arise when building web-based business applications.

Playengo, Revevol’s cloud-based digital signage solution that is 100 percent integrated with G Suite, is just one example of how our teams have leveraged GCP in the creation of enterprise software. In this recent webinar, our Playengo team met with Google Cloud Partner Engineer Lionel Touati to discuss this strategic choice. Here’s a quick introduction to what went down:

Why the Cloud?

To understand the benefits of using GCP, we must first understand the benefits of using a cloud-based solution versus an on-premise solution:

  • Unlike on-premise solutions, there is no tedious server installation or physical intervention within the enterprise to configure hardware
  • Infrastructure, content management and permissions are centralized
  • Deployment is simple, anywhere in the world
  • You can update content in real-time, from anywhere, on any device
  • Cloud-based solutions are part of Revevol’s DNA 

Why GCP?

  • Google Cloud Platform is completely integrated with G Suite and can easily link to existing content from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • It’s cost-effective: the granular, “pay as you go” model allows for flexible usage with no upfront subscription fee
  • Software updates are frequent and instantaneous with any internet connection
  • Google App Engine (a fully managed platform that provides the user with an infrastructure abstraction) can be used for greater scalability and an automated deployment process
  • GCP and Google App Engine are mature technologies, which allowed us to develop new functionalities that didn’t previously exist in digital signage
  • There are a vast number of services available within GCP that permit more agile, rapid development, including serverless applications like App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, BigQuery, and Dialogflow

To dive into more detail on how this SaaS solution was constructed using GCP, watch the live recording of our Playengo team in conversation with Google Cloud.