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Vincent Marotte By Vincent Marotte • August 1, 2018

I'm Out of the Office: Get the Most From Your Holidays with G Suite

As the summer holidays approach, you probably can’t wait to turn on your out of office message. But not so fast. Beyond the basic out of office reply, G Suite offers many features that will ensure everything goes smoothly at work while you are gone. Check out our list of what you need to do:

Inform others that you are out of the office with Gmail and Calendar:

Leave an out of office message for those sending you emails. Be sure to specify your holiday dates and give an approximate delay response timeframe as well as who to contact in case of emergency. Google lets you choose your out of office dates and link them directly to your Google Calendar which will automatically list you as unavailable for events scheduled during your holidays. How easy is that? Stop wasting time logging in and doing it manually, instead have a swim and enjoy the nice weather. Let Google do it for you!

Plan your return with Keep and My Tasks:

Going on vacation is awesome but coming back can be hard. To make your return as smooth as possible, be sure to prepare a to-do list before leaving. Google Keep and My Tasks are two great solutions for creating your to-do lists and ensure you won’t be overwhelmed when getting back and forgetting where you left off. It seems silly but this will definitely help you get back to work efficiently.

Schedule a meeting before you go and set permissions in Drive to minimise your workload:

When you’re at the beach, you should relax! Work should not disturb you. Be sure to set up a meeting before you leave to brief your colleagues on your current projects so that you can really enjoy your holidays. Also make sure you give the proper document permissions in Google Drive so that your team can easily keep working while you’re gone.

Don’t be engulfed by notifications:

You should be able to disconnect during you holidays. Do yourself a favor and turn off any work notifications coming from Gmail, Google Drive, and Hangouts. If you can’t resist looking at them, they will still be accessible on your phone but won’t pop up anymore while you are in the middle of a tennis game.

Enjoy your vacation

After you check off each item on our list, close this tab, gather your stuff, and run to the airport or train station. You are all set to enjoy an awesome vacation.