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Ken Genouel By Ken Genouel • October 12, 2018

Introducing Playengo: Where Digital Signage Software Meets the Cloud

By now you’re probably familiar with digital signage in its many different forms and uses. You’ve grown accustomed to seeing these digital displays throughout your daily routine, from the screens in the metro or subway advertising your favorite Netflix series, to the LED screen flashing the menu of the day at your local fast food joint.

While these bright lights and cool effects may look exciting, you might wonder what exactly is behind all the hype. How are these screens being managed, and by whom? What kind of technology is required and what different forms can your digital signage take on? And most importantly, how can it benefit your company?

We’re here to decrypt the mysteries of digital signage and show you why a Cloud-based solution is best for your business.

Why Cloud-based digital signage is the only way to go

In short, most digital signage solutions require three components: a content management server (CMS) or backend, a user interface (UI), and a player software. These solutions can come in two different forms: either on premise, or Cloud. It’s no mystery as to what we advise.

Simple implementation

For starters, with Cloud-based solutions, the server is removed entirely from the equation. Rather than hiring a third-party service to maintain and monitor an external server, you can rely on web-based software that you likely already use every day. What could be better than a digital signage platform fully integrated with the tools you know and love (like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides)?

Locally installed CMS will require software installation and regular manual updates, often on multiple devices and for multiple users. With Cloud-based platforms, there is no installation of additional local software, so rollout is simple.

Centralized management, accessible on the go

Be it for internal or external communication purposes, you might have multiple screens to manage in several locations. While you may be able to control such content from an external server or on-site, it can be time consuming and limiting when in need of quick updates and fixes. With Cloud solutions, you can remotely manage and update screens from any device, anytime, anywhere. Updates are synchronized automatically and user permissions can be controlled by a chosen admin.

Today, there are a multitude of Cloud-based digital signage solutions. Many can be quite complex and require specific training to get started. Why waste time with hefty configurations instead of focusing on what it is you want to communicate? The good news is, you don't have to.

Playengo: The simplest, most powerful digital signage solution 

Playengo is an enterprise-ready platform, designed to help your business. Completely integrated with G Suite’s core services, the platform can be connected to all Cloud data sources for simplified, real time updates.

This means that deskless workers are no longer at a disadvantage and can access, update, and modify content by simply accessing Google Drive from mobile or other devices using Chrome or Android. Changes made to any connected pages will automatically update screens, without so much as opening the application.

How it’s different 

  • It’s simple and intuitive. Share your content in just a few minutes by dragging and dropping your media to create a playlist, then select the screens on which you’d like to display your content.
  • It’s flexible and multi-device. Playengo can be accessed anywhere and broadcast on any screen format: TV, smartphone, tablet, video projector. There’s no limit to the number of users or devices per user. 
  • It’s easy to use, but it’s also secure. All data remain private. To display content using Google Slides or display data from one of your Google Sheets using Awesome Table (the web app that makes your spreadsheets look cool), you don’t need to configure sharing permissions on each individual file. Simply share the content with the Playengo account and it will be displayed on your screens without need for additional authentication.

Customized content with endless possibilities

From basic Google slides and presentations to dynamic content like social media feeds or live TV channels, you can broadcast anything you like on as many screens as you need by simply creating different playlists. Thanks to the special widgets feature, you can leverage the platform’s library of data connectors and display a number of existing templates including Twitter, Workplace by Facebook, RSS feeds, Google Data Studio, and more.

Configure your playlists by attributing a time slot to each media content as if you were setting up a meeting on Google Calendar. You can set content to run right away, or schedule playlists for later.

Strong G Suite integration

Playengo is completely integrated with your G Suite environment, so you don’t have to worry about additional software or training. Seamlessly use tools like Awesome Table to transform your spreadsheet data into beautiful and functional views like slideshows, tables, and maps. Completely integrated into Playengo, you can display any Awesome Table view on designated screens in just a few clicks.

What can it do for my business?

Build brand awareness and increase sales

Digital signage is a simple way to improve your corporate image. Display corporate films in waiting rooms or communicate your strategic plan in public spaces for more transparency. To incite sales, consider using enticing images on digital displays to promote your range of products at the global or local level. You can also integrate custom web applications like product catalogs, featured products, ongoing promotions, and interactive store maps.

Improve internal communication and increase employee engagement

Thanks to the platform’s flexibility, local sites can be fully autonomous and display local content, like the day’s canteen menu or local traffic updates. At the global level, screens can be used to increase employee awareness about broader company objectives and best practices. Easily share information between teams by displaying team achievements, new employee introductions, and the latest news from social media so that even deskless workers are in the know!

Reduce human errors and improve efficiency at production sites

Playengo is integrated with customer information systems so you can display real-time company metrics for employees, such as productivity, revenue, stock counts, and more. Company procedures can be shown on-site to ensure maximum reach and impact.

Ready to give it a try?

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Want to learn more?

Don’t miss Revevol’s webinar this October 23 in partnership with Google Cloud. Tune in to learn more about Playengo and discover why Google Cloud Platform was the solution of choice when developing this SaaS product.