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By Patricio Diez • January 25, 2018

Reinvigorate your G Suite investment

Google Week by Revevol

Has your company just migrated to G Suite? Or have you been on G Suite awhile but are still struggling with user adoption? Revevol’s Google Week may be the answer to your prayers.

Google Week is essentially Google by osmosis. We immerse your employees (from G Suite newbies to Google nerds) in a week of intensive training, covering all apps offered by G Suite, through an innovative, structured, fun approach that will ensure viral adoption throughout your company. You’ll find no better partner to bring you this kind of training than Revevol, the first G Suite reseller and integrator in Europe, with over 10 years experience deploying Google for companies all over the world. We understand that technology will only succeed if embraced by your employees. Our focus has always been on user adoption, which we believe is critical to the success of any technology, and G Suite is no exception.

How does Google Week work?

Google Week is always customized to our customers’ exact needs. We leverage our global network of 450 certified trainers to deliver Google Week in your office’s local language. In preparation for the week, we work with key players at your company to define the scope and ensure we put the best agenda and training in place. We then bring as many G Suite experts as needed to your offices to animate a week of short, intensive training sessions. When developing the week’s agenda, we understand your people are busy and still need to maintain some of their normal workday. Our trainers act in parallel, ensuring people get high-quality training without interrupting too much of their day.

One group of trainers delivers sessions designed to empower people on G Suite apps and new usages. From Gmail to Calendar, HO Meet, G+, Drive, Slides, Docs and more, they focus on the apps that your company deems most important for your employees. They also animate sessions for frequent business travelers who need strong mobile technology to get their jobs done efficiently.

The second group of trainers focuses on storytelling-based sessions, inspiring people with typical business use cases on G Suite. We strongly believe in storytelling to get employees to really understand the value of G Suite and facilitate its adoption. Our trainers present common business pain points that your users are undoubtedly feeling, getting them to pay more attention and understand how they can put the training to work for their business. Sessions are designed to leave people with practical takeaways that can immediately be put into action when they get back to their desks.

The same sessions are delivered multiple times throughout the day to allow people to attend a session more than once if need be. Modules vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes, including live demonstrations and hands-on guided exercises with ample time for Q&A. Our trainers can also provide personalized consulting sessions where people submit their business needs and work with us to develop a prototype to solve their problem using G Suite.

In parallel to these coaching sessions, we organize and animate gamification concepts throughout the week, as we believe that incorporating games into change management increases participation and commitment. For example, we typically offer a daily challenge in which departments compete for the best implementation of a G Suite app. Teams get inspiration from their colleagues and Revevol’s trainers who are constantly working to show them best practices and new usages. The team that develops the best business transformation initiative is awarded a prize.

All Google Week participants have access to Revevol’s School for Google Apps for three months following the Week, should any questions or concerns arise.

What are the benefits?

In a nutshell, Google Week will:

  • Ensure a smooth transition away from Microsoft Office and other legacy systems
  • Guarantee your employees understand the full potential of G Suite and what it can do for your business. It’s not just Gmail!
  • Significantly increase the comfort level and readiness to use these tools
  • Foster a new collaborative culture and better ways of working together
“Our transition to G Suite could have been very painful, but thanks to Revevol’s Google Week and the strong involvement and dedication from our teams, everything went very smoothly.”- Veolia Water Technologies

If you want to increase user adoption and get more out of your G Suite investment, Google Week by Revevol is your golden ticket.

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