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By Samantha Fecteau • December 10, 2018

Revevol Cloud Landscape 2019: Transforming the Enterprise with Workplace and G Suite

Last week, Revevol brought Facebook and Google together for an evening of enlightening exchanges around the evolving cloud landscape. Having had the privilege to work with Google Cloud, Workplace by Facebook and their customers, we know how these entities complete each other in the enterprise IT space. This event, enriched by testimonies from exemplary clients Kiloutou and Air Caraïbes, served to highlight the complementarities of Workplace by Facebook and G Suite, tools that truly are better when used together.

Revevol opened the night by welcoming our special guests, partners and clients alike: “Here in this room, we are all aligned towards the same main objective.” The goal was to evaluate current trends in cloud computing, anticipate future opportunities and demonstrate how Workplace and G Suite, with the help of Revevol, can remain guarantors of successful digital transformation in the enterprise. 

Your employees at the heart of innovation

G Suite lead Bruno Barbagli took the stage to present the key factors for digital transformation, the success of which depends on four main pillars: focus, satisfaction, efficiency, and most importantly, your employees.

“Less than 40% of companies are able to produce the tools needed for strong collaboration”: How can we help these actors transform their collaboration processes? The first step is through G Suite adoption, guaranteed with support from trusted partner Revevol.

G Suite has provided for millions of companies worldwide a collaboration solution that breaks silos and allows for content to be created in more agile, efficient ways. The aim moving forward is to continue pushing beyond the walls of pure collaboration and develop new business applications. More than 50 million users are already saving roughly 9 hours per week thanks to G Suite’s ecosystem, representing a significant ROI across all aspects of collaboration: the employees, the content created, its business value, and security when accessing these information. Revevol is a part of this change and has helped move more than one million users to G Suite.

Optimizing these ROI requires strategic positioning through smart partnerships. Alone, neither Google nor Facebook can guarantee complete digital transformation. 

Rejuvenate your communications, accelerate your transformation

Workplace France development manager Nicolas Farin reinforced the idea that Facebook and Google are fast-reacting companies that take risks rather than follow trends. He explained, rather than improving what exists, these companies are committed to creating something new. This is what Facebook had in mind with the creation of Workplace in 2016.

Workplace by Facebook, like G Suite, is a transgenerational solution that helps a wide range of companies transform their internal communications. Farin illustrated the vitality of these solutions in today’s enterprise with some key figures: 40% of Fortune 500 companies neglect to adapt to the evolving digital environment, and are forced to make a choice: transform or go under. On the other hand, only 30% of digital transformation projects are successful. Many of those who fail to transform overlook the importance of change management, Revevol’s core offering, in ensuring a smooth transformation.

What’s most important, Farin explained, is to avoid a monolithic vision of these technologies. “Today, we are increasingly looking for tools that integrate and communicate with one another.” Workplace and G Suite are this pair. Deploying Workplace for a company that is already using G Suite saves time and multiplies the possible use cases, which are unique to each company, and which Revevol helps identify.

“Revevol shows up with a complete launch plan and makes sure each company has its own ‘wow’ experience,” he said, “one that is smooth from day one”.

Building high adoption on Workplace and G Suite with Kiloutou

Kiloutou’s Marie-Charlotte Guénard then took the stage to speak to these synergies. Kiloutou, as the 4th largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France, has been on G Suite since 2011 and has just recently integrated Workplace. 

“We wanted to have a digital identity for our teammates”, she explained. With a workforce comprised of clandestine groups, Workplace helped to consolidate communications and bring about more spontaneity in the way employees exchange on a daily basis. Revevol helped catalyze this launch with the help of its change management teams, ensuring 85% adoption only one week after launch.

Workplace was the tool of choice to foster communications all while securing sensitive information. Revevol helped draw out the plan best-adapted to Kiloutou’s needs and roll out a deployment plan for the smoothest possible transformation. With G Suite integrated into the platform, the user environments are easily created in advance; all the user has to do is accept the e-invitation to join, explained Guénard.

“It’s up to us to identify future use cases, but it’s already happening quickly and naturally across our teams.”

Collaboration for takeoff with Air Caraïbes

Air Caraïbes IT Director Yoann Paulin was present to share his own account of how these platforms so seamlessly complement one another. The French airline wanted to consolidate two sides of the company separated by the Atlantic and centralize digital communications.

“We wanted something both user friendly and efficient”, said Paulin. “...and to make sure [our crew] continued to be heard, and to feel connected to the company.” Workplace was the ideal option, while Revevol’s change management services brought the solution to fruition with adoption rates reaching 95% among flight attendants and over 80% for grounds staff.

The airline also chose to integrate Revevol’s cloud-based digital signage solution, Playengo, as part of their internal communications strategy to reach flight attendants in company crew rooms. “The combination of the two solution allows us to reach 100% of our flight attendant population, which is a huge improvement from before.” The Playengo screens diffuse information in these crew rooms so that staff are seeing information as they prepare to fly, without having to connect on their own device. 

Why you need Google and Facebook for your digital transformation

Revevol’s Massimo Cappato synthesized these anecdotes and left us with a sharp analogy:

Picture yourself on a dock, preparing to row off in your single skull. With one foot on the dock, one foot on the boat, the boat starts to drift away and you find yourself straddling deep waters, on the brink of falling in. When businesses want to move to the Cloud and have integrated a new tool, be it G Suite, Workplace, or other Cloud platforms, they don’t always have the support and resources to avoid falling into the water. Revevol is here to offer the services, from IT to change management, to ensure your business has both feet in the boat for a smooth row.

In other words, transformation is not just about “is my company using this technology?” but rather “are my users taking full advantage of these technologies?”. Google understands the internet user and knows how to connect employees, while Facebook provides the ergonomics that make us want to engage. Workplace is the missing link that connects G Suite’s collaboration tools and allows them to live and breathe within the daily communications of the enterprise. At Revevol, Cappato explained, we bend this solution to adapt to the needs of each individual company.

The goal is for companies using Workplace to have 100% of their users connected, because this is the space where important conversations are taking place. This is the landscape of 2019.