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By Samantha Fecteau • April 3, 2019

Telefónica: Fortifying Global Communities with Workplace by Facebook

Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies headquartered in Madrid, Spain, successfully deployed Workplace by Facebook to its entire global organization with the help of Revevol.

With over 122,000 employees worldwide and more than 350 million customers accessing its network every year, Telefónica understands the power of connectivity. Now, they’re taking that shared vision into the digital workspace, opening Workplace to its entire global workforce.

The Spanish multinational launched an initial pilot in the UK, the success of which only confirmed the group’s decision to launch Workplace worldwide. Their mission? To make lives more human by connecting lives. With Workplace as a collaboration tool to effectively transform communications internally, the message rings truer than ever.

Why Workplace? Closer employees means happier customers

The group decided to implement Workplace in late 2018 after attaining continuously low organic adoption rates on their previous enterprise social network. Beyond the fact that Workplace is known to drive an average adoption rate of 80 percent, the telecommunications giant chose Workplace under three main guises:

  • The customer is at the heart of the solution: Workplace lets you share customer stories, best practices, and first-hand use cases, increasing employee-client proximity. The customer becomes the center of all decision-making.
  • Workplace brings companies closer: even with 122,000 users, Workplace makes each employee feel like part of a greater family, promoting shared values like openness and reliability.
  • Workplace makes life easier for you and your business: the solution and its toolbox helps digitize your workplace and render processes more agile, improving the day to day.

    A key driver in the decision to deploy Workplace globally was the prominence of bottom-up communication, which, with other solutions, is limited. For the first time, managers could see real stories of employees delivering outstanding customer service in the form of videos and pictures, all on their news feed thanks to Workplace. For Telefónica, this would have a major impact on frontline workers around the world.

    Workplace provides a central space to showcase meaningful achievements, recognize individual and team efforts, and build a shared sense of pride in the impact the people of Telefónica are creating.

    “As a global company, being connected is critical. We felt Workplace was the best choice to bring all employees together to help all regions - and every employee - connect and feel like they're part of one community,” said Aitor Goyenechea, Global Head of Internal Comms at Telefónica.

Revevol, the Deployment Machine

Telefónica entrusted Revevol, Workplace partner since its conception in 2016, to support them through the entirety of the deployment process, from assessment and strategy, to technical implementation, to change management, integration, and post-deployment transformation. Its core business in the Cloud, Revevol has proven experience deploying Workplace for a number of different customers, including Air Caraibes, Kiloutou, Consolis, and Euralis, among others.

Internal Comms Manager Yamil Salinas explained explained: “Revevol has experience deploying Workplace, having worked on a number of successful projects since the beginning of the platform. They know what works, and this seasoned methodology is what really helped us succeed.”

With a strict timeline and over 120,000 employees spread across 16 different countries, Telefónica needed a partner that could guarantee a smooth, secure deployment without disrupting business processes. Revevol guaranteed success by building a clean framework to integrate Workplace into Telefónica’s prior digital landscape and preparing the platform for a seamless deployment across the entire company.

Revevol defined a precise project rhythm to meet the tight deadlines, both in terms of technical aspects, constantly adapting to the shifting internal demands of the IT department, and in terms of change management. The project was built with a top-down approach, fabricating first a global deployment strategy, then adapting it to fit the various markets and countries.

Our change management teams worked with Telefónica to design and build the best-adapted strategy, identifying use cases to fit the company’s unique business needs. Revevol successfully carried out trainings to 3,100 champions in 11 different countries thanks to our global network of certified trainers, totalling over 400 hours of training in only 15 days. These trainings generated a satisfaction rate of 87 percent across all sessions worldwide.

“The Revevol and Telefónica professionals have been working daily as one single team to ensure everybody is informed and motivated about the project, and to find the best use cases to support the launch,” says Carla Molinos, Country Manager of Revevol Iberia. “It has been amazing to see the enthusiasm and energy brought by thousands of people at Telefónica in the adoption of Workplace”.

Since the launch of the solution starting January 2019, Telefónica has recorded a Workplace account adoption rate of 76 percent, with 88 percent having used the platform at least once, and 70 percent weekly active users. These adoption rates are over 70 percent greater than those recorded with previous internal communications solutions at Telefónica, validating the first stages of the company’s digital transformation.

Revevol helped the group integrate Workplace with Office 365 and SuccessFactors (the cloud-based HR management system), making it easier for employees to sign into Workplace using the same SSO credentials they use with other systems. As the deployment continues, Telefónica plans to develop new chatbots and automated processes to simplify certain tasks and accelerate efforts to bring Artificial Intelligence to customers.

Creating a people-centric workplace

Global leaders at Telefónica are already using Workplace’s Live video feature to broadcast company announcements in real time via the mobile app, and engage in two-way conversations with employees. Tools like Auto-Translate are helping Telefónica build a more connected community amongst colleagues who speak different languages.

Employees everywhere are using it to share ideas and collaborate across borders, and C-level leaders are more accessible and responsive than ever. The result is a highly connected workforce, regardless of job title or geographical barriers.

“At Telefónica, we are committed to creating an open people-centric environment. Workplace was the perfect fit and is now part of our set of internal tools that let our employees do their jobs more efficiently,” said Aitor Goyenechea.

Workplace, builder of communities

Since the introduction of Workplace, Telefónica employees worldwide have expressed feeling closer, more connected, and a part of a bigger, more meaningful community. The solution has instilled more transparent, group-wide organization, which is transforming, one day at a time, the everyday processes of the Spanish multinational.