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By Samantha Fecteau • April 8, 2019

Transforming a Global Chemicals Supplier with Google’s Collaboration Suite

One of the world’s largest chemicals suppliers took its first major step toward digital transformation by migrating its entire global workforce to Google’s collaboration suite in 2014.

The transition to G Suite corresponded with a necessity for the multinational to digitize collaboration processes. Google Cloud Premier Partner Revevol executed the migration of over 55,000 users, as the company moved from Microsoft Exchange on-premise to G Suite.

With more than 65,000 employees and operations in over 80 countries, the company was in need of a drastic rejuvenation of its collaboration processes, and turned to Google for its speed and reliability on a global scale.

Revevol had a proven capacity to deploy solutions worldwide at industrial scale. Having successfully carried out large-scale deployments for clients like Holcim and Solvay, Revevol was recognized as an expert in technical migration and change management, with a global network of certified trainers to manage trainings worldwide.

In 2014 the company launched a complete deployment project to move the entire workforce to Google.

Flying the Digital Workplace to New Heights 

With Revevol’s help, in just a year and a half, the company was able to transform its digital workplace, building a global platform. The organization was segmented into 220 entities in over 80 countries, so Revevol used a scalable, cascade deployment methodology in order to systematically and successfully push deployment in each of the global entities.

Revevol designed a roadmap regrouping the different entities with a complete G Suite deployment program including migration, change management, training and transformation. The package also included deployment of AODocs, a document management and business process platform that allows organizations to build processes at scale and meet compliance requirements while enhancing user collaboration.

The project involved three main stakeholders: The Revevol project team, the company’s designated “Champions”, and all remaining collaborators. The designated Champions were 2,500 “high-potential” leaders chosen from within the organization.

Each Champion was trained in his/her respective country and native language, thanks to Revevol’s agile global certified trainers network. Revevol carried out trainings on all Google apps like Gmail, docs, sheets, slides, and Google Drive, for a total of four days of training per designated Champion. These Champions then played the role of change agents, delivering local trainings to their colleagues, promoting the platform, and helping users navigate problems or potential resistance. Over the span of a year and a half, the organization’s entire global workforce was deployed and trained on G Suite. Champions were able to seamlessly integrate trainings directly into their colleagues’ workday, so that there was little interruption to business as usual. This allowed for Champions to show firsthand the variety of use cases and the value of different tools in order to collaborate more effectively, in real time.

Revevol invested in thorough training for Champions to ensure that the company leaders were in turn highly invested in the G Suite project, driving Revevol’s deployment engine and perpetuating the carefully engineered cascade. Revevol’s international profile played a crucial role in managing communications with teams in all 80 countries throughout the project.

Of the 55,000 users migrated to G Suite, Google Drive adoption was around 77 percent post-deployment.

Going Serverless

Once the entire organization had appropriated the complete suite of Google products, from Gmail, to Google Docs, to Calendar, Drive, and Hangouts Meet, the next challenge was managing local server files. Revevol managed a meticulous, systematic migration of the company’s documents for over 600 servers worldwide, all while keeping their data secure. Each service controlled by local servers was replaced by cloud services, resulting in significant long-term cost cutting and a high ROI for the company.

Transforming the Enterprise with Innovation Lab

To complete the organization’s digital transformation and ensure long-term adoption of G Suite, Revevol carefully assessed and intervened to drive transformation across the global entities. Forty employees from 20 different entities were invited to Paris for Revevol’s two-day Innovation Lab, complete with presentations of various use cases for G Suite tools. During the workshop, Revevol’s change management teams worked hand in hand with the different entity representatives to best adapt the use cases for the collaboration needs of the respective region. Downstream, Revevol managed and executed 26 transformation projects to further ensure the organization’s complete, global digital transformation.

With a careful combination of technical expertise, change management, and communication, using a scalable, cascade-like methodology, Revevol managed to successfully migrate an entire global workforce to G Suite. The result? High adoption for better global collaboration and more agility: the recipe for complete digital transformation.