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By Samantha Fecteau • November 5, 2019

Your Guide for Google Cloud Next ‘19 UK

And just like that the warm summer months have slipped by, cool November days are upon us and the most anticipated event of the season, Google Cloud Next UK, is just a few sleeps away.

Like us you’re likely rearing to go behind-the-scenes and explore the latest trends in cloud technology while exchanging with some of the brightest minds in tech, including thousands of IT professionals and C-levels across a range of industries. But with so many golden opportunities and over 100 sessions to pick from, you may not know where to start.

From AI and Machine Learning, to security and infrastructure, or application development, we’ve picked out our list of top breakouts for this edition of Google Cloud Next UK -- all you have to do is add them to your agenda and attend!

Be sure to stop by booth F12 to meet with experts from Revevol, find out more about Playengo cloud-based digital signage, or discuss Google training campaigns with our AppsTrainer experts.


An Overview of Cloud AI | 11:15 AM–12:05 PM 

Want to learn more about machine learning models and solutions? No matter where you are in your ML journey, this overview of Cloud AI can help you move from data to insight to action using out-of-the-box ML solutions.

The Future of Data Governance, at Scale, in a Multi-Cloud World | 12:45–1:35 PM

In a multi-cloud model, enforcing a successful data governance strategy is essential to establishing the proper balance of both driving innovation and maintaining liability and confidentiality of sensitive data. In this talk, you’ll learn the art of leveraging data governance as a business driver and developing a strong data governance strategy at scale.

For more on how to keep your sensitive documents safe in the cloud, check out our security series here, here and here.

Panel Discussion: Machine Learning, Big Data & Smart Analytics on Google Cloud | 1:50–2:25 PM 
Meet and exchange with experts from Google Cloud to discover the latest trends and best practices in Machine Learning, Big Data, and Smart Analytics.

Making Change Stick: Today’s Top Tips for Maximising Productivity for End Users | 1:55–2:45 PM 

Revevol’s own Patricio Diez will share his learnings, alongside two other change management experts, on the transformation journey to and adoption of G Suite. Learn how to successfully manage organizational change and best optimize your G Suite investment to ensure a long-lasting cloud transformation.

Security and Trust on Google Cloud | 1:55–2:45 PM 

Cloud security continues to reign as one of 2019’s key themes. In this session, customers and security product leaders from across Google Cloud will describe how Google’s infrastructure, apps, and services, including the latest innovations in advanced platform security, access controls, data security, visibility, and transparency combine to deliver the most secure, trusted cloud.

Still not convinced that “cloud” can be synonymous with “secure”? Check out our white paper to discover how these two words go hand in hand.

Build an End-to-End Serverless App with Compute, Machine Learning and Data | 3:05–3:55 PM 

Learn how GCP and serverless can make your app's backend more powerful, cheaper, and easier to build and manage with products like Google Cloud Functions, big data tools like Firestore and BigQuery, and machine learning tools that can be combined to build entirely serverless applications.


AI Infrastructure on GCP | 11:15 AM–12:05 PM 

Not yet familiar with Google Cloud’s AI-optimized infrastructure, GCP? From GPU accelerators, to custom-built supercomputers, Cloud TPU Pods, GCP offers a modern infrastructure for your ML workflows. Learn how you to get started with these accelerators through GCP products and services.

In the meaningtime, find out how Revevol leverages GCP to build custom cloud-based products like Playengo, or develop custom applications for customers, including SELFY, in order to boost productivity and support optimal business impact.

Panel Discussion: Application Development on Google Cloud | 1:50–2:25 PM 

The architectural possibilities with GCP are infinite. In this session, meet with application development experts to discuss best practices for developing and deploying compute workloads on Google Cloud Platform.

As a certified Application Development Partner, Revevol’s technical experts are specialized in building and managing powerful business applications with Google Cloud Platform. Rendez-vous at Booth F12 to speak with our teams and find out more!

Keep Hackers Out and Your Data Secure: A Use-Case Based Approach to G Suite Security | 3:05–3:55 PM 

Looking for the solution to remedy complex data security threats? Discover how G Suite can relieve your woes around securing your sensitive enterprise documents. This breakout will help solve concrete customer use cases around security, from phishing threats to document sharing permissions, all using G Suite.

Google Cloud: Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance | 5:25–6:15 PM 

GDPR may have been a buzzword this past year, but chances are the lengthy requirements contained in this four-letter acronym are still somewhat hazy for you. Many organisations are unclear about how to navigate and respond to the mandatory security, privacy, and compliance requirements, especially when it comes to the cloud. The breakout will address the different data protection and regulatory compliance challenges that customers in regulated industries face, and share different tools to help address your compliance needs.

For the complete program of breakouts, keynotes, spotlights, panels, and bootcamps, and everything else you need to know about this edition of Google Cloud Next, check here.

To set up a meeting with one of Revevol's experts today, click here. We hope to see you there at booth F12!